Train Journey on the ETS service in Malaysia

train-sg-klWe knew trains were a popular mode of transport in Malaysia. But, what we did not know was the fact the service was so well created, envisaged and maintained. We were simply flabbergasted with the meticulousness of the whole service. And, this was absolutely true for the ETS service.

In fact, if you ever want to travel from the south to the north (or forth) or even from anywhere on both the east and the west coast, then we would of course recommend you the ETS service.

The ETS service first

Technically, the ETS trains are one of the fastest running railroad trains in the Asean region. The ETS or the Electric train service is made specifically for inter-city running. People often use the train from Singapore to kl to travel from one end of the nation to another. In fact, one can even use the KTM and the ETS service to go from 1 nation to nation. Even we were shocked to know this when we were planning our Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore itinerary.

You can use the KTM service (the company which runs the ETS service too and is the national railway company of the country) and get from Thailand from the Pedang Besar border to Johur Bahru and subsequently to Woodlands which is near the

Singapore border whilst travelling through Malaysia.

The KTM service has been designed and created with convenience and quick service in mind.

The ticket

Before we decided on the train, we first had to decide on the tickets. We knew, since the ETS is a quite popular service on the western line of Malaysia, the tickets would be hard to come by. This is why we took the opportunity to book the tickets for ets trains in Malaysia via the internet. Of course we never hesitated one bit, as there were many websites and online ticket sellers for the ETS service. All we had to do was make a simple Google search and we ended up with various answers.

The journey itself


The ticket we booked was for the ETS Ekspres (the ETS Express) from Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar, right on the cusp of the country’s border with neighbouring Asean country Thailand. It was our plan to go to Thailand after KL; hence the things feel in place perfectly for us.

The train (numbered EG9208) started from the KL Sentral station and took 5 hrs and 15 minutes or so to reach Pedang Besar station. In between, the train halted at 14 stations (including twice at Bukit Metrajam, as the train passes twice over the station when it goes back from, and comes to, Butterworth in Penang).

Our journey was pretty comfortable as we had selected the upper class sitting area. In fact, we were so comfortable that we even mustered up a good long sleep during the journey and missed on some scenic beauty between the stations, especially in Penang. The train also, in some cases, touched the high speeds of 160 plus Kmph too. Hence, the whole journey was comfortable, fast and even compelling.

Train Journey to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore by Train

“Malaysia truly Asia” is the most common proverb heard by me till date!! But recently I had an enjoyable exposure to Malaysia which will remain embedded in my mind forever. Yes, I am talking about the most enjoyable train journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with my life partner.

Travel to Malaysia by Train


As the summer got over, we were planning to go for an enjoyable trip to a place which is full of wonders and known for the exotic beauty of nature. Suddenly the ideas regarding travel to Malaysia by train stroke our minds which resulted into an easiest, most comfortable and cheapest way of the journey.

The Trip – Was Really an Enjoyable One

As the trip was only for about 7 hours, we did not get frustrated and enjoyed the scenic beauty from our privately occupied super deluxe seats. The cost varies as per the type of seat booked. I was astonished to learn that travelling by train was much cheaper than bus ride and airway. I along with my partner was fully enjoying the munching of railway stations for food along with an efficient sleep.

Trains for Travelling to Malaysia from Singapore

To be honest, travelling by train has been realised to be the safest ways of going from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We enjoyed the clean, fair and good services along with decent freshly cooked food. At present there exist three special railways which run from Singapore to Malaysia which are:

  • Train #2 Ekspres Rakyat
  • Train #12 Ekspres Sinaran Selatan
  • Train #24 Senandung Sutera

Best Train to Travel Malaysia

After several research and discussion with my friends, I came to learn that the Train #24 must be given first preference. It is also known as the overnight sleeper which departs from Singapore Woodlands at 11:30 p.m. and enters Malaysia by 6:00 a.m. This also enables easy saving of the hotel rent in Singapore along with making the trip highly efficient and little bit economical.