Diving destination in Malaysia

Along with being a nation of beaches and islands among the lush greenery and the forest ranges that Malaysia has to offer to the tourists across the world, with the advent of time it has also become the hub and also one of the leading diving destinations to head for! The perfect combo of the spectacular bio-diversity of the marine life lying alongside the beautiful islands, white sandy beaches and the clear blue waters, divers from across the nation find it rather difficult to not get back to the lively nation after a session of diving in there.diving

Whilst the best of the diving sites across the nation include an array of underwater wonders such as the wall dives, deep dives, wreck dives, sloping reefs, coral blocks and the drift dives, a dip into the ocean waters ensures a diver the experience of a lifetime.

Out of the exotic and colorful marine life that the seas in the Malaysian nation are filled with includes the likes of schools of barracudas, the scary Ghost Pipefishes, schools of Hammerhead Sharks loitering around, various kinds and species of turtles and Frogfishes, there is something new to explore every time a diver dives into the depths of the nation’s waters.

Where it might sound like an overstatement, it has been proved by repeated marine bio-diversity surveys that the tropical seas in the nation has been seen to increase on their species count every single time!

While diving involves a lot of risk, the Malaysian government has taken every safety and security measures in this regard and has something to offer to the first timers as well as for the experienced divers alike! So far there is no divers lurking around in Langkawi Island in Malaysia but the tourism is hot over the place. Lots of Penangites and tourists travel from the south, and take easybook ferry to Langkawi for holidays.

Explore the richness of the marine life and try out their scuba diving experience at least once while on a trip to this nation!


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